Bianca Morris

Web Developer & Production Manager

Hi! I'm a recent Wellesley graduate, and current front-end web developer at Partners In Health, an international global health non-profit. I love front end web development and creating smooth, memorable user experiences.

About Me

Drupal Development with Front-End Focus


Developer & PM at Partners In Health

  • Worked closely with the Lead Web Developer and Developer Operations Manager to complete short term and long term web projects using Drupal 8, Twig, HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Collaborating with interdisciplinary teams of designers, managers, and project stakeholders to take ideas from inception to deployment
  • Developing extensive site-specific content-editing documentation for non-technical internal users
  • Conducting site-wide information architecture audit

2017 Engineering Fellow at Horizons School of Technology

  • Year-long engineering fellowship led by senior infrastructure and front-end engineers

Digital Content Assistant at Wellesley College

  • Worked alongside the Web Director and the Communications and Public Affairs team to maintain and expand the Wellesley College website
  • Generated digital assets in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator
  • Conducted student body polls and user research for feature planning
  • Supported the timely execution of content and feature updates using Drupal CMS, HTML, and CSS


Wellesley College, Class of 2017

  • Bachelors of Arts in Cinema and Media Studies
  • Cross-Registered at MIT's Department of Comparative Media Studies (Spring 2016)
  • Web Director for Wellesley College Television (2016-2017)


Personal Projects

A journey in code: 2015-2018

KindredTalent Website

KindredTalent (May 2018)

  • Description: KindredTalent is a recruitment network focused on entry-level software engineering roles that incentivizes employees and 3rd party recruiters to refer talent.
  • Role: UI/UX Engineering Intern at KindredTalent
  • Duties: Designed and implemented React UI components, and responsive UI workflows. Connecting front & back end.
gNom Website

gNom (March 2018)

  • Description: gNom is an Express.js web application that generates meal plans based on users' genetic data.
  • Role: Full-stack Engineer; 1st Place Winner UC Berkeley's 'Hack Your Genome' Hackathon
  • Duties: Designed the index and results pages w/Bootstrap, used Handlebars to render recipe data from the Edamam API.
Fittest Mobile App Logo

Fittest (December 2017)

  • Description: Fittest is a gamified social fitness mobile application. Join weekly tournaments and score points by completing fitness activities. Compete and stay fit together!
  • Role: Back End Developer; UI/UX Designer
  • Duties: Designed color palettes, wireframes, iconography, and typography. Implemented Facebook OAuth with custom Passport local strategy and middleware. Wrote Express.js routes for JSON API, and generated test users/data.
Collaborative Notes desktop app

Collaborative Notes (November 2017)

  • Description: Collaborative Notes is a desktop rich-text editor, with real-time collaborative document editing.
  • Role: Full Stack Developer
  • Duties: Designed and implemented responsive React components, server-side input validation, Draft.js rich text editing, express-sessions with MongoDB, and websockets on the client and server. Reworked code for future publicaton as Electron desktop application.
WCTV website

WCTV Online (May 2017)

  • Description: WCTV Online was the 2017 landing page for Wellesley College's #1 (and only) satire news show. A complete overhaul of the previous WCTV website: a more sleek, modern look, but retaining the iconic pink branding.
  • Role: Full Stack Developer; Web Director of WCTV
  • Duties: Designed and developed Flask site with SMTP messaging and error logging system. Used Google's Youtube Playlist API to automatically update the front page on video upload, and Open Weather API for weather display.
Seed Kit Data Explorer

SeedKit Data Explorer (May 2016)

  • Description: The SeedKit Data Explorer is a data-driven interactive documentary produced jointly for CMS.338, and SeedKit (Science Education Equity Development Kit), that allows users to explore correlations between different data metrics for education and global development.
  • Role: Front End Developer; Communications Specialist at SeedKit; Cross-Registered Student at MIT
  • Duties: Designed front-end with Foundation, retrieved data from UN Data's JSON API, and rendered with Highcharts.js.
Genki Flash Desktop Application

GenkiFLASH (January 2016)

  • Description: GenkiFLASH is a desktop flash-card application for Japanese language learning and use alongside the Genki I textbooks by Eri Banno.
  • Role: Software Developer
  • Duties: Designed user interface in TKinter, and used Py2Exe to deploy the Python app as a Windows executable.
Nourish International Email

Nourish E-Letter (April 2015)

  • Description: An E-Letter to thank people who donated to Nourish International during our 2015 'Giving Challenge' fundraiser. Built specifically for Gmail's email client.
  • Role: HTML Email Designer
  • Duties: Designed responsive email template with HTML tables and inline CSS.

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Bianca Morris